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Web Application is an interactive program that runs on a web server and is accessed by a web browser.
Web applications are dynamic and interactive applications that are usually built using front-end web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Web applications need not be downloaded but can be accessed through a web browser over the internet.
Our team has the expertise to develop interactive web applications that provide cross-platform capabilities, are responsive, and can adapt well to Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows phones.

What you get

Leverage our expertise

Expertise in Web Technologies

We stay updated with the latest updates and trends in web technologies and are proficient in web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and other web development tools.

Customized App Development

We understand that every business is unique and so are their requirements. We work in close collaboration with you to understand your needs and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

User-Centric Design

We understand that an intuitive user interface and visually appealing designs are as important as the functionality of the app itself. Hence, we carefully consider factors such as usability, accessibility , and responsiveness while designing.

Scalable and Secure Solutions

Our team develops and implements a powerful architecture that can withstand traffic and is also secure and makes sure that your data stays secure.

Integration and Compatibility

We ensure that your web apps are able to integrate third party applications and APIs seamlessly and are compatible with different browsers and devices.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our team is readily available at all times to assist you with any technical issues that you may face down the line. We also ensure to keep your application up to date by performing routine maintenance checks, updating security patches, and working on any user feedback and usage data.

Web App Development Company in Bangalore

Web Apps have a larger reach as they can be accessed from any device on the web browser. They don't need to be installed on the user’s device, users can access them instantly through a web browser, hence they are compatible with various devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

They are cost-effective as compared to developing native apps for each platform. It is also easier to maintain as it is just one single code base that runs on multiple devices. Updates and changes to web apps can be made instantly on the server side, and users will be able to see the changes without having to update their apps. Web apps have a consistent user experience across platforms as they have the same design and functionality that runs regardless of the device.

Web apps are also SEO optimized which makes them more visible and reach a wider audience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have Questions?

Here, we've compiled a list of FAQs about our Web App Development services that you might have and many of our clients have asked us:

is web development and app development same?

App development refers to building software applications for mobile phones like Android or iOS, while web development refers to the process of building web pages that run in web browsers.

what is progressive web app development?

A progressive web app is a website that looks like and behaves like a mobile application. Users will be able to access these via their web browser instead of downloading them from their Play Store or App Store.

how long does it take to develop a web app?

The time taken to develop a web app depends solely on the scope and complexity of a project, and the functionalities and features that need to be included in a project.

which software is used for web app development?

The choice of software and tools depends on the requirement of the project, but the most common ones are React, Angular, or Vue.js for the front end, node.js, Express.js, Ruby on Rails, and Django for backend, MySQL or PostgreSQL for database is used.

What is a web app?

It is a software application that is accessed and used over the internet. It is stored in a remote server and is delivered over the internet.

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