1. Bold is the new black.

We saw user interfaces go dark in 2022. Dark colour palettes and themes, black-on-black layouts, and high colour contrasts Although dark user interfaces will continue to be popular in 2023, we anticipate that brighter user interfaces will make an appearance with the introduction of Neubrutalism. Bright and bold colour schemes with a quirky edge.

2. Layers upon layers

We began exploring dynamic and experimental compositions in 2022. In 2023, we expect to see this a lot more, with asymmetrical layouts that give personality to the design and a lot of layering of imagery and typography.

3. A little quirk never hurt

In 2023, creative navigation will be an expected and anticipated design trend. Interactive, animated, fun menus and hover effects in unconventional layouts make scrolling more pleasurable. 

4. Frustration, but without the “_r_stratio_”

Yes, in 2023 we are going to see UI that incorporates elements that are entertaining and/or fun at instances that would typically frustrate the user, like when there is an error message or our 404 screens. This space will essentially become a designer’s playground for creativity.

5. What’s the opposite of minimalism?

Gen-Z is about to be all about maximalism. So much so that you may need to pause to take it all in, and brands catering to these audiences will need to capitalise on this trend to remain relevant. So, dear designer, start breaking all the rules we’ve grown accustomed to, especially when the target audience is younger.

In 2023, websites will now more than ever demand attention thanks to complex interactive experiences that are nearly overwhelming and an abundance of navigation, hover, and scroll effects. The goal is to dominate the web page by breaking several, if not all, UI/UX laws; this revolution has us at its helm, and we are excited to watch it all unfold.Reach out to us, and let’s make together a perfectly tailored plan that better supports your business.


Pooja Chandani