Our Favourite Figma plugins that you should have as a UI/UX designer in 2023

A good collection of plugins in your Figma toolkit can improve your overall design process and boost efficiency, regardless of your level of expertise in UI/UX design. We have compiled a list of Figma plugins that the UI/UX designers at Simplileap adore.

1. Batch Styler

With just a few simple clicks, this plugin lets you change fonts and colours across your artboards at once, saving you a lot of time and work.

2. Ionicons

A great tool, it has a collection of commonly used icons. The amount of icons available in the library is sufficient for fundamental requirements, and they import as vectors to maintain their high quality this also allows for editing within Figma.

3. Dark Mode Magic

It only takes one click to convert your Light theme design to a Dark theme design using Dark mode magic. Although it doesn’t automatically optimise all the colours, this plugin helps you save a lot of time by producing a dark version of numerous screen designs.

4. Chart

Chart is a plugin that generates charts from random data that is actually true. The copy-paste features of Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, local CSV, and JSON files are also supported by this plugin.


A beloved plugin, websites can be quickly and easily converted to Figma designs in no time.

6. Isometric

With this plugin, you can create isometric layers without manually having to set them up.

7. Coolors

This plugin allows you to build beautiful complementary colour palettes and colour themes for your designs with 100’s of options, quickly and super easily.

8. unsplash

A widely known resource for royalty-free, high-quality images is now accessible directly inside Figma as a plugin. And better still, the images can be dragged and dropped into frames without needing to resize them.

So go ahead and use these incredible plugins to improve your design workflow in Figma. You will notice that these plugins make your design processes much easier, whether you are an aspiring designer or just doing it for fun. These plugins are intended to assist you in design, much like they do for the Simplileap team.

Reach out to us, and let’s make together a perfectly tailored plan that better supports your business.


Pooja Chandani